Use cases

Cloud Wallet is a ledger layer which displays the internal economics of your product, enables you to implement new business models and manage your business more efficiently. You can use the embedded wallet in multiple scenarios such as loyalty or bonus programs, asset and inventory accounting, internal P2P transfers, or M2M payments.

The following use cases illustrate the versatile potential of Cloud Wallet:

Smart vending machine

Let’s assume you have a fleet of vending machines. You would probably have to keep a Google Sheet or a mental count to see how quickly your machines use up supplies and how much you earn on each purchase. Alternatively, you could use Cloud Wallet as an embedded “accountant ledger” and track the internal economics of your vending machines from your web or mobile interface.

By monitoring inventory flow, you can manage your coffee fleet more efficiently. This, in turn, enables you to achieve continuous sales and positively affects your bottom line.

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