Cloud Wallet and RapidAPI empower developers to build transformative solutions

Rapid Api

We joined forces with the world’s largest API marketplace, RapidAPI, to enable millions of developers to leverage the power of our API.

RapidAPI marketplace is the world’s largest marketplace, uniting over 10,000 APIs and more than 1 billion developers. The mission of the marketplace is to facilitate the creation of cutting-edge solutions granting developers access to thousands of APIs in one place.

Wallet-as-a-Service is a ledger that enables you to assign wallets and carry out transfers between connected devices or between users within a network. It enables developers to reduce cost & time-to-market while building and scaling their IoT solutions.

Should I integrate Cloud Wallet API via RapidAPI or our developer portal?

We enable you to integrate and deploy Cloud Wallet API both via our developer portal and RapidAPI marketplace. There are a couple of differences between the two options and here is a little guide so you can make the right choice for you.

    RapidAPI would work better in the following cases:

  • You already have a RapidAPI account and use it for other integrations
  • You plan to connect different providers into your project and do not want to deal with disparate standards

The key benefit of RapidAPI is the simplicity of standardization while finding and connecting multiple APIs. Arranging different APIs according to a single standard speeds up the integration process and makes deployment easier.

RapidAPI aggregates more than 10,000 APIs in a single view and you can easily browse them by categories and compare alternatives. Then you can manage all your integrations and have your billing all in one place.

If you have only one integration and do not plan to add any more, you can stick with option #2 and use Cloud Wallet API via our developer portal.

Visit our RapidAPI page to connect our API

OR go directly to developer portal

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